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Stabilize your washing machine or dryer for good

This is the top rated universal Anti-Vibration pad that really works, with over 2310 five star reviews!
Invented in the UK, established in 2016.

The first and only washing machine stabilizer that works from the TOP of the machine NOT the bottom!

Better still, no lifting or moving your machine involved, saving your machine, floors and if flat living…your neighbours. This makes perfect sense... It is like you have hired someone to sit on your machine 24/7!! Forget old-fashioned mats and rubber feet, this really works better.

TIP: For inflation place ball on top of the counter and pump with your palm, it's easier! Size: 40x40cm and can inflate to 15cm under the counter to fill that space. If it doesn’t work as you think it should just move it until you find the sweet spot ! This simple device is just amazing. The first few washes were about 75% better but then I moved it further back which improved it 99%. It’s really easy to use, just pop it in the gap and then inflate. So far about 8 washes and it hasn’t deflated. Mine is tucked in a gap about 8cm.  I have read someone else had a deflation problem and they said  that they could not tighten the valve tight enough by hand and used pliers and fixed the problem to tighten the valve and it worked perfectly! Definitely well worth buying!

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It's so easy to install. Just slip the vinyl bladder between your machine and countertop then inflate to a snug fit with the handy manual pump which hides away so you do not see it. Instead of pulling your heavy machine out, lifting it and placing pads on the bottom then trying to slide your machine back in underneath the counter... if it will fit ?... without having the rubber pads move from position is tricky! 

Size: 40x40cm and can inflate to 15cm under the counter to fill that space.

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"Amazing Product, Now I don't have to keep moving my machine back in place after every wash!"

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See Steady Spin in action on the video below

Available to order via our website, or from Amazon or Ebay.

Free P&P from this site.

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