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Over 2070 Five Star reviews

Oh WOW!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! What is not to like about this awesome little gadget!! It might not look much, but it’s a miracle product!!!! Great price too! Has made such a difference, the machine is sooo much quieter & stable when spinning! Use to sound like the machine was about to blast off!!! Am delighted with my Steady Spin which was also so easy to install!! No rocket science required!!! Would recommend this gadget to anyone & everyone!! No wonder it has five star ratings!!

England 4 Germany 2

Wow! British engineering ingenuity is alive and well. This is so much more effective than those German feet you can't position at the back of the machine. If I was the landlord of a terraced house or an apartment I would make use of this technology a term of the lease. It's that effective and necessary. Brilliant product. Price is a bit high if you see this just as a couple of bits of plastic; if you see it - correctly - as a solution to a very common and annoying problem, it's priceless.

A must buy - you simply have to get one if you suffer from a machine that vibrates a lot!

OMG - this cheapy looking gadget is the BEST THING EVER. Gone is my bouncing machine and uneven load error messages. My machine now spins with no vibration - no noise and no error messages. I have just washed a double quilt - NO PROBLEM. Quilts and big towel loads in my 10kg drum is usually swiftly followed by 'error - redistribute load' - and after several attempts I ever end up giving up and drip drying or spinning off in two lots. Not anymore - I know I sound like an advert - but I (well, husband...) bought this off our own backs - so... GET ONE - it really works. I also think it will help the washing machine last longer without all that vibration!

If it doesn't work, just move it!

This simple device is just amazing. The first few washes were about 75% better but then I moved it further back which improved it 99%. It’s really easy to use, just pop it in the gap and then inflate. So far about 8 washes and it hasn’t deflated. Mine is tucked in a gap  about 7cm. Definitely well worth buying.

It works!

I was sure this wouldn’t do anything, the noise of my machine was dreadful had a fitter and 2 plumbers look at it and nothing helped is was so loud. Saw this and thought as a last ditched attempt it could help and well it actually works !! I’m amazed and my downstairs neighbors will definitely be relieved that their entire apartment no longer shakes every time I do a wash

Ridiculously good, buy it

Amazing. Works perfectly. My machine is on bouncy laminate, on uneven floor. So bad that I really need to replace the machine as barings are shot and drum bounces, due to the wear and tear of uneven floor. Bought this thinking it might quiet thins down “a bit”. Frankly it’s like a new machine. This does exactly what it says it does. No exaggeration. .

Do I have a washing machine?

I am sitting in the next room. Do I have a washing machine? Thats how it works !!!.

Brilliant Product

Absolutely Brilliant product. If I were Queen I would give the inventor a Knighthood! I have an LG direct drive washing machine and vinyl on a wooden floor. I have bought rubber feet, I have placed mats underneath and called an engineer out but still the vibration and noise was unbearable. This SteadySpin works, worth every penny. 

Excellent Washer Stabilizer

Never heard of this before, but searching for something to stop our washing machine bouncing around the kitchen, found this item & thought I'd buy it & hopefully it would work, all I can say is BUY ONE, it's an absolute brilliant bit of kit, does the job perfectly. It's so easy to fit & does exactly what it says. Fantastic.

Brilliant !!

I ordered this yesterday and arrived today! Put it to the test straight away, and YES it really does work, it stops my machine jumping around the kitchen when on a high speed. So, so pleased with this little gem.

Buy this

Brilliant. So easy to use and it really works. I made chalk marks around my machine before I used it and it hasn't shifted at all. Previously it used to move quite a lot. Well worth the money as the machine is quieter on the spin cycle and doesn't move at all.

This product is amazing and works perfectly

If you have a washing machine that moves out of position every time you use it, this is the answer. I saw it mentioned in an end of year review in a Times supplement on Sunday, ordered it straight away and it arrived Tuesday morning, just in time to be put into position on the top of my machine which was about to spin a full load! To say I was impressed is an understatement. My machine stayed in exactly the same place throughout the spin cycle and has not moved since. My neighbours will be delighted too! I cannot recommend highly enough.

It is brilliant. Not even a wobble, it's the best thing...

Having tried many other products to stop my washer dancing, I thought what's another £17 down the drain. At the insistance of my wife, I sent for this product thinking it's too simple it will never work. But how wrong could I be, IT IS BRILLIANT. Not even a wobble, it's the best thing I have bought for years. Not only has it silenced the washer, it's silenced the wife as well. Sheer heaven. Thankyou!

Love love love this

For years I’ve suffered from washing machines that jump all over the floor and thought that I would try this, it’s seriously brilliant and the person that thought this up is a genius would highly recommend my machine is even quieter now

Best money I've ever spent!

So far, this is the best money I've ever spent! Our LG "silent spin" washer bounced and moved into the kitchen, creating a right racket. On the first test of this pad, I didn't even hear it finish on 1000 spin.

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