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Simply slip the inflatable pad between your washer/dryer machine and the counter top.


Then inflate with the handy manual pump to optimum fit.

(Until inflated pad is firm, don't over inflate)


The applicance is now stable during the most ferocious spin cycles, insuring no more movement or jumping for the whole wash. Your floors and neighbours will thank you for it!

SteadySpin washer/dryer stabiliser in use.
This innovative new solution was made to stabilize both under counter washers and dryers. I came up with this idea because my machine was driving me crazy after weeks of fiddling with the feet. Basically, it is a very strong vinyl balloon / bladder. Simply slide the pad in-between your machine and counter top then inflate till it is firm and snug and that will do it! Also, ENSURE there are no screws or brackets under the counter that could puncture the pad! To deflate find the air release valve on the top of the pump. A push button. When centred and inflated, just squeeze the pump so it is flat and place to the side or top of the machine so you don’t see it. Over time you may have to give it an air top up just squeeze the pump to add more air. Easy! Still not sure how to use it? Please see video demo on the Steady Spin site.  This looks at the vibration problem outside of the box. It is if as if you have hired someone to sit on the machine 24/7 to keep it still . Still not convinced just look at the Amazon 5 star reviews! 
Steady Spin will inflate to fill a gap up to 6 inches.


As seen in 'The Times'

SteadySpin washer/dryer stabiliser in use.
Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 11.29.40.png

We achieved our '#1 best seller' banner on Amazon!

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